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Weekend Getaway | Nashville

Weekend Getaway | Nashville

I recently went on a little weekend getaway to Nashville, Tennessee to spend the weekend with my sister, and a couple of my best girlfriends from college. It was so nice to get away for a couple days to catch up, let loose a little, and reminisce on the good old days.


This was our itinerary of the weekend in case you are planning a short trip to Nashville soon, and are looking for some fun things to do, or a new spot to check out. We did some touristy things since half of our party had never hung out in Nashville before, but it was all a great time!




12th Ave South


A couple of us got into town early. We were going to do a walking tour, but it was cancelled on us last minute because not enough people signed up for the time slot that we had signed up for.



While we were waiting for everyone to get into town, we went to 12th Ave. South to grab a snack and check out the scene. We went to the 12 SOUTH TAPROOM and split some chorizo tacos, and tried their drink of the day. It was a Long Island Ice Tea infused with mint. All pretty yummy!


12th Ave. South is a cool spot to walk around, shop, and to take in the cool (Insta-worthy), street art.


Skull’s Rainbow Room


We wanted to have dinner and catch a show at Skull’s Rainbow Room, down in Printers Aly, but didn’t make reservations in time. Although we couldn’t dine, we decided to grab a drink there to start our night because classic, old bars are just cool. They had a very unique cocktail menu, and their food menu looked delicious; I wish the kitchen was open while we were there!



Martin’s BBQ


We had dinner at Martin’s BBQ after getting several recommendations from friends, and random people that we questioned for advice. I had the brisket sandwich with baked beans (recommended by the greeter at the door). In addition to having the traditional BBQ, and mustard based sauce, they have a spicy BBQ, and a Carolina white sauce! All were very good (I love trying all the different BBQ sauces when I try a new BBQ place).


I loved the 2nd floor of Martin’s. It looked like a great place to hangout with a stage, game tables, and a partially open/covered rooftop that had a nice greenhouse effect for all the greenery that added to the ambiance on the 2nd floor.




Broadway Bar Crawl


After dinner we went back to our hotel for a quick change, and headed to Broadway to check out all the honky tonk bars. And it seemed like we really did check out ALL the bars! Some we just popped in to take a peek, and see what kind of music was playing, and some we ended up hanging out in for a while. My favorites from the night were Jason Aldean’s (rooftop bar complete with fireplaces), Blake Shelton’s Old Red, Tin Roof, and Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk had a band that was playing some great, classic covers.


I love that there’s so much good music all in one spot, it was so much fun just hopping from bar to bar checking out the music scene.





Brunch at Biscuit Love and Strolling the Gulch


In the morning we decided to take a stroll around the Gulch, and have brunch at Biscuit Love. The Gulch was within walking distance, so we just walked and enjoyed the (cold!) morning together. We took some pictures by a couple of the notable walls of street art, and then got in line for our biscuits!



We waited in line for a little over an hour, and finally made it in to eat. The restaurant itself is very cute and trendy looking. We split some Bonuts (fresh donuts, rolled in sugar, with lemon mascarpone, over blueberry compote) while we waited for our biscuits. I got the Princess biscuit (spicy chicken biscuit).


The biscuit was very light and fluffy, and everything was very fresh and good; but for all the hype of the restaurant, I was really expecting a little more of an “out of bounds,” flavor explosion in my mouth (to quote your favorite Triple-D host, Guy Fieri). Maybe it’s because I’ve gone a little crazy before making breakfast sandwiches at home, but I would not go back if I had to wait in a line that long again. Everything was very fresh, and I appreciate that, but could have been a little more flavorful.



Belle Meade Plantation Tour & Wine Tasting


After our bellies were (extremely) full from brunch, we drove to Belle Meade Plantation for a tour of the mansion. I had been there before for a beautiful wedding, but did not get to tour the mansion, so I was interested in returning to learn more about the plantation. It was nice hearing the history of the area, and learning some fun facts about famous horses, like Iroquois, and the history of horse racing. Did you know that horse racing moved to Kentucky only after prohibition started in Tennessee?!


Once the tour was over, we participated in the complimentary wine tasting of some of the wines that Belle Meade produces, and walked around the property to explore more of the property that was not included in the tour.




Tenn South Distillery Tour


After touring Belle Meade, we went to the Tenn South Distillery for a tour and a tasting of the local, copper distilled, spirits produced in the area. Tenn South is part of the TENNESSEE WHISKEY TRAIL, so mark this place down on your to do list if you are a whiskey fan.


We had a great tour guide, Tommy, who gave us the history behind all the liquors made by Tenn South and explained the processes behind the products they make. I love all the thought that was put into the names of the liquors that really tie the products to Nashville, and Tennessee history. In addition to the labels that refer to their southern roots, they really made some uniquely southern, quality spirits as well. Their Big Machine Vodka, is distilled twenty five times. The Abernathy Gin has distinct pecan notes, which I found very interesting and delicious (and southern). They also have a seven barrel age process that infuses fruity and dark notes in the Clayton James Whiskey with a sugar maple charcoal drip.


Their liquor is currently sold in five sates (Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, and Tennessee), but they are in the process of expanding.



ACME Feed & Seed


Once we were done with the distillery tour, it was time to try some more local fair. We decided to check out ACME since it is a Nashville staple. Their first floor has communal style eating, and live music. I got the pulled pork tacos. They were delicious!


ACME has different levels, like a lot of the bars on Broadway, and a cool scene.



Old Glory


After dinner we headed over to Old Glory, a speakeasy, at the recommendation of our Tenn South tour guide. It was a cool bar in an old boiler room from the 1920’s. There isn’t a sign for Old Glory, and since it was dark outside we walked right past it initially, but after popping into Bella Napoli Pizza (which looked AMAZING, I will have to go back to eat there) to ask staff where to go, we found the gold pyramid, and our way in.


There was a very cool aesthetic inside Old Glory, and a unique cocktail menu. It is definitely worth checking out!



Overall, we had a blast, but the weekend was way to short! Looking forward to my next get together with these amazing women.


What are your favorite spots in Nashville? Comment and let me know!




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