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Perks of Becoming a MONAT VIP | What you need to know about the VIP Program

Perks of Becoming a MONAT VIP | What you need to know about the VIP Program

Have you heard about the number one premium haircare brand in THE WORLD and want to give it a try? If you’d like to see what it’s all about and really see the potential your hair has to feel and look amazing, the best way to start is by becoming a VIP!


I get a lot of questions about the ins and outs of VIP membership, so I want to share it all with you here. 


When I started using MONAT I joined as a VIP. Like most people, I was skeptical of network marketing, and wasn’t sure about the products themselves. I wanted to give it a try and get a discount (+ free shipping because who ever wants to pay for shipping, right!?), and after about a year of using MONAT and seeing the transformation in my hair, I decided to join as a Market Partner (for a better discount + opportunity to earn an income)!


The commitment of becoming a VIP is minimal with a 30 day back guarantee, but to be honest, you won’t need the guarantee because you will love the products!


And because I don’t want the ins and outs of subscription services to be overwhelming, or confusing, I am laying it all out right here.


I am all about full disclosure, so here are the deets:


Disclaimer: I am a MONAT Market Partner and if you decide to purchase, or become a VIP through the links provided in this post, I will earn a commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you.







Here is what you get when you become a MONAT VIP:


  • 15% DISCOUNT on all MONAT products
  • FREE SHIPPING on Flexship Orders of $84 or more
  • Only For You products in each qualifying Flexship Order
  • Flexibility to choose different products in every order
  • Birthday gift
  • Access to Flash Sales, special offers, and promotions
  • Easy online ordering
  • Flexible order scheduling
  • Option to upgrade to become a MONAT Market Partner


Not to mention, BECOMING A VIP is a great opportunity to improve your hair (and confidence along the way!). Here are some before and after of me showing the improvement in my hair. My hair was definitely damaged, frizzy, and full of split ends… Check it out.





Here is what you need to do to become a VIP and start repairing your hair from the inside out:


  • A one time enrollment fee of $19.99 USD that is added to your enrollment order
  • Enrollment Order + 2 additional Flexship Orders of $84 or more (“Minimum Purchase Requirement”) to complete the VIP Program.
  • Flash Sales/Promos do not qualify as a Flexship Order
  • By joining you agree to have your credit/debit card charged for the Minimum Purchase Requirement




A Flex Ship is a flexible and cutomizable shipment order that you chose product for during your VIP Customer enrollment. The Orders can be updated and scheduled for delivery on your VIP account page.


Flex Ship Orders can be pushed out as long as you like so you can just make your purchases whenever you need more product, or are ready to try something new so the timeline for completing your Minimum Purchase Requirement is up to you! You will also get a friendly reminder from yours truly when your order is about to come up, so you can change your ship date if need be.



Grow your Hair with MONAT
The deets on how to get a discount.





To start out as a VIP you need to pay a $19.99 enrollment fee with your first purchase/enrollment offer. After that, the VIP requirement is to place three Flex Ship orders total (1 enrollment offer + 2 additional Flex Ship Orders of $84 or more). Once you have completed these three purchases, you will be a VIP FOR LIFE and be able to continue to enjoy $15% off and access to all the flash sales.


After becoming a VIP for life, you can cancel your Future Flex Ship orders and still enjoy the 15% off discount + access to flash sales and other promos. If for some reason you decide to cancel your account after becoming a VIP for life, you will have to reapply to receive VIP Customer perks in the future.



Before and After
Here are my results from continued use of MONAT hair care.


Become a MONAT VIP
Spilling the tea on how to get a discount on MONAT’s premium hair care.




Here is what you need to know in case, by the rare chance, you are unhappy with your purchase. 


30 day money back guarantee


If you change your mind about MONAT within a 30 day period you can send the unused portions of your products back and get a refund for those products less shipping and handling. You will also get your $19.99 Enrollment Fee refunded.




After 30 days there is a 90% money back guarantee up to 90 days after teh date teh order is received by the VIP customer, less shipping and handling. The $19.99 Enrollment Fee is non-refundable after 30 days, and damaged, opened, or altered products will not be refunded or replaced.


All refunds go back to the credit/debit card used for your original purchase.




If you contact MONAT within 30 days of receiveing your first Flexship Order (30 Day Guarantee), there is no Cancellation Fee.


If you cancel after the 30 day guarantee period there is a $25 cancellation fee if only your enrollment offer is completed, and a $19 cancellation fee if the Enrollment Order, and one additional Flex Ship order is completed.


If you decide to cancel after your three Flex Ship orders are placed (minimum purchase requirement) there is no cancellation fee. To cancel your Flex Ship orders just contact MONAT.




Ready to become a VIP?! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW! If you would like more information, or have any questions, feel free to respond to this post, or send me a DM on IG @ShipsHQ.


Achieve Healthy Hair
How to become a VIP and get discounted premium hair care products.


And be sure to stay tuned for some upcoming posts sharing my favorite products and on why to become a Market Partner! 


Always wanted to try MONAT, but don’t want to pay full price (or for shipping?!)? Join as a VIP! Here are all the details of the perks and ins and outs of being a MONAT VIP member.
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