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Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary

Tomorrow Will and I will be married for four years! I can’t believe that it has already been four years; time has flown by so fast. In light of the occasion, I’m sharing a short post with a few pictures from our big day.


All pictures in this post are by Tonya Damron Photography.


We have actually been together for ten years, this year! It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, but I guess time just flies by when you’re spending time with your best friend!



Wedding Details | Knoxville, Tennessee


I may be a little biased, but I loved the team I put together for my wedding. They did a great job of taking care of everything and not letting me worry about anything on the day of our wedding.


We wanted our wedding to be a fun party, and it definitely was! I wanted to have an outdoor ceremony, and we decided on  UT Gardens as the location for our ceremony because it had a gorgeous location for a ceremony, and was conveniently located to downtown Knoxville, where we held our reception. We kept our ceremony short (and thank goodness, because it was literally, the hottest day of the year that day), and we had an awesome location for a big party afterwards. The Square Room is right on Knoxville’s downtown square, so after our party ended, guests were free to keep the party going elsewhere. Did I mention that the food catered by The Square Room is also very delicious! We chose an Italian theme of food and allowed guests to serve themselves.


Heart 2 Heart was such a good band, they really know how to get the party going, and were so much fun! Will and his buddy, Cary, also got up on stage towards the end of the night and jammed out (Belle had a jam sesh too ;)!



First Look


I know it’s not traditional to have a first look, but I wanted to do one to make sure we had some one on one time before the big event got under way, and I’m so glad I did! It was a nice, quiet, special time with each other (and a great opportunity for pictures!). After the ceremony, time just flew by taking pictures, and getting into the reception. It was so busy, and there were so many people to talk to, and thank, we barely had any time to speak with each other until we got back to the hotel at the end of the day.



Isn’t this the handsomest groom you’ve ever seen!?


Wedding Party


We kept our wedding party very small. I had my sister as my maid of honor, and Will had his dad as his best man. It is easy to get carried away choosing friends to be in your wedding party, and we decided we wanted to keep things easy, and let our guests enjoy themselves. Most of my girlfriends were coming from out of town as well, and I wanted them to have an opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Knoxville, and not be too caught up in wedding stuff.


Having just one bridesmaid worked out perfectly too, because my sister had a baby right before the wedding, and the J. Crew dress I originally planned to have her wear ended up not fitting her properly! She ended up just finding something that she was comfortable in that matched my florals.



To Those Getting Married | Wedding Advice


You do you. Don’t get caught up in what all your friends are doing and think you have to have a wedding like them. Prioritize what is most important to you and spend your money on that, instead of all the other little things that can quickly add up!


Something will go wrong on your wedding day. We had a few things go wrong, including the aisle flooding right before the wedding ceremony! Nothing will ever turn out exactly as you imagine how things will go down on your wedding day. Don’t fret the small stuff, because your guests don’t notice the little details that you think are big, and at the end of the day, you’re married and that’s all that matters.



Black and Whites


While I love Tonya Damron for her vibrant, colorful pictures, but I love the classic look of black and white photos. I asked her to make sure some of our  photos were in black and white, and while I love all the pictures, some of the black and whites are my favorite.


I have a black and white gallery wall going up our main staircase in our home, showing our family story, and one of the larger canvas prints is a black and white from our wedding!



If you’re married, do you follow the traditional gift guide each year for your anniversary? Comment and let me know!


Cheers and Here’s to a lifetime with you, Will!



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