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PB Fit Chocolate Chip Cookies

PB Fit Chocolate Chip Cookies

Do you love peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies? This recipe makes the softest, chewiest, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and guess what!? They’re healthy too! Okay, THEY ARE COOKIES, so they’re not really that healthy, but the PB Fit Powder and coconut sugar do make them a little healthier compared to your classic chocolate chip, or peanut butter cookie, right?

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It has been a while since I’ve put out a new post, hasn’t it!? After the arrival of our second daughter, Mattie, I decided to take a little break to focus on my family, soak up all the baby snuggles, and adjust to being a mom of two. It wasn’t too hard adjusting to being a mom of two. I have always been a caretaker, so taking care of kids all day definitely comes natural to me.


The biggest adjustment to being a mom of two is trying to find time for myself! Now, I don’t need too much time to myself, but I do need a little time to try to fit in some exercise and self care. Also, as someone who works from home, it is hard to find time to do ALL THE THINGS I need to do when each kid is constantly needing this or that. And did I mention potty training! Needless to say, I am definitely looking forward to my oldest starting school so I have a couple extra days during the week to TCB.



I do try to eat healthy as much as possible, but I do have to say, that I like my sweets. Especially chocolate. Although it might not be the best way to start your day, I love having a cookie (or two) with coffee in the morning for breakfast. It is a delicious combo! Yes it is unhealthy, but I don’t do it every day. When I do, I justify it to myself that at least I’m eating them early enough so I can burn it off throughout the day.


When I make cookies, most of the time, I try to make them as healthy as possible. Lately I have been taking a break from my KETO COOKIE BOMBS and testing a lot of recipes with oat flour. I can’t believe that I haven’t tried using oat flour sooner; it is so good! If you’re a fan of eating as gluten free as possible, there are so many great things to make with oat flour. I have been making PB & J Bars (recipe to come), brownies, muffins, and cookies with oat flour, and they all taste like they were made with regular flour!


Speaking of classic, chocolate chip cookies, the Nestle Chocolate Chip cookie recipe (on the back of the semi-sweet chocolate chip bag) is my usual go to recipe when I want to make normal cookies that aren’t gluten free, etc.  It is basically the recipe for these cookies, but made a couple changes that you will see below.



Note: I don’t eat this many cookies at once! I try to limit myself to two or three max, lol.


Like I mentioned before, this is basically the Nestle Recipe, but I have substituted some of the flour for PB Fit Powder. I also substituted all the sugar for coconut sugar (and cut the amount in half!). The result?! The fluffiest, chewiest chocolate chip cookies you have ever had with a peanut butter flavor that is there, but not overwhelming. SO ADDICTING, BEWARE!








  • Preheat oven to 375° degrees
  • Combine flour, PB Fit Powder, baking soda, and salt in a small bowl and set aside
  • In your Kitchenaid Mixer, beat butter, coconut sugar, and vanilla extract until creamy
  • add eggs, one at a time, beating well in between
  • Add flour mixture to butter mixture gradually until fully incorporated
  • Stir in chocolate (and nuts)
  • Drop onto parchment lined baking sheet in rounded tablespoons
  • bake for 9-11 minutes, or until golden brown
  • Enjoy!






What is your favorite cookie? Leave a comment and let me know!


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