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Melissa “Ship” Shipman


Girl Mom | Wife | Attorney | Foodie | 

Artist & DIY-er | Gardener 



Hello and thank you for visiting Ship’s HQ. My name is Melissa, but many friends call me “Ship,” a nickname I have from my maiden name, Shipman.  I’m an attorney by day, but have scaled back my solo practice to stay home with my children while they are young, and started this blog as a passion project soon after having my first daughter, Greta. 


Since my time in undergrad at the University of Florida, blogging was always something that I wanted to do to share my creative side with the world. After becoming a mom, I decided why keep waiting?! After all, I want to teach my kids that they can create success in multiple ways, outside of working a normal 9-5 job.


Keep reading to see what you can find on my blog!





Here at Ship’s HQ you can find a variety of things because after all, it is a lifestyle blog. My main focus however is sharing the heart of the home, and what brings people together, food! I love to cook and believe the best memories are made when you’re enjoying something delicious.


On this blog you can find everyday meals, as well as party and holiday inspiration. 




While I love all things delicious, I do try my best to keep it healthy too! In my opinion, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping my family healthy is the best way that I can provide for and take care of them as a mom. I do my best to keep things healthy by staying active, taking supplements regularly, and by reducing my family’s exposure to toxins (which includes using clean products and eating Non-GMO and organic food as much as possible). 




Utilizing my creativity, has always been my passion. There is something about creating something from nothing that gives a sense of satisfaction that a day job just doesn’t provide. Whether it be sewing, painting, cooking, repurposing furniture, gardening, etc.; I like to do it all, and I find value in learning new and different skills. I am considered a “jack of all trades” to those who know me well (but hopefully not a master of none!).


By sharing my projects, I hope to inspire you to tap into your own creative side and try something new! 




I do share my personal style, because I’m a girl and I love fashion. Just like art, it is a form of self expression (and there is so much you can do!). When it comes to style I mainly sick with the classics, but I have a little eclectic and boho taste as well.


When it comes to a wardrobe, my theory is to collect quality, classic pieces that I can wear forever; and then mix in some fun, trendy pieces that are affordable.  I also look for versatility with my quality pieces, that transition easily form work to play with a couple small changes. 





Here at Ship’s HQ, my goal is to encourage you to try something new and motivate you to make positive, healthy changes in your life. I want to help empower others to achieve their goals and to see that you can do it to; whatever your “it” may be. 


There’s no time like the present to stop putting your dreams on the backburner, because you’ll never get where you want to go unless you start taking action today.   I hope this blog will become your “headquarters” for inspiration to create the life that you’ve always dreamed!



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