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Succulent Wall Planter

Succulent Wall Planter

I recently bought a wall planter at Patina’s closing sale (so sad to see them go, but hopefully not for long!). I thought it would look good on our back porch that we are currently getting screened in. , While I love live walls, I wanted to fill the planter with something low maintenance. I decided that succulents would be my best bet, for a cool, modern look. Continue reading to see how I put it all together!


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Who else is a fan of succulents?! If you know me, you know I love my house plants. I have attempted in the past to make live succulent arrangements, but for some reason, succulents are the one thing I can’t seem to keep alive! I am not sure why… I know I’ve made the mistake of over watering them before, but some that I rarely tended to also died, so IDK. If you have any tips for keeping succulents alive, please let me know!


Anyway, with this awesome, rustic planter I decided this was my opportunity to make a succulent arrangement for my home. Instead of waiting for succulents to go on sale at a craft store (like I usually do for faux florals), I decided to just bulk order some succulents from Amazon because this was kind of a large project.


The frame/planter is approximately __ and I ended using 65 succulents, in an assortment of sizes, to complete this project.


What you need:


  • Framed Planter (If you don’t want to buy one, you can build one too!)
  • Floral Foam (wet or dry)
  • Succulents
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks (optional)




After my succulents arrived on my doorstep I was so excited, I got to work on this arrangement right away! I thought I would have enough floral foam in my craft supplies to fill the whole frame, but it turns out I didn’t! After filling up as much of the frame as I could with the foam, I decided to improvise to fill up the rest because I didn’t want to run to Walmart just to get more foam (or delay my project any longer because I was so excited about it).


I decided to fill in the remainder of the frame with used plastic grocery bags. I always love finding new ways to recycle plastic grocery bags! To keep the succulents in place on the grocery bags, I broke out my hot glue gun. I am not planning on changing this arrangement, so I don’t mind if some of the succulents are in there permanently…



As you can see, I had a few different kinds of foam, and I ran out of it! This all worked, and came together perfectly, so don’t be afraid to just wing it with what you have.


What to do:


  • Gather all your materials so you’re ready to go!
  • Fill frame/planter with floral foam
  • Start filling planter with succulents (I like to start with the big pieces, and stagger clusters around the frame, then fill in the rest with the smaller succulents).
  • Use hot glue to secure your succulents into place (optional)
  • Hang your planter, and enjoy!


Top: Lilly Pulitzer


How do you think it turned out? Believe it or not, I made a time lapse video assembling the succulents in the framed planter, but I accidentally deleted the one that started from the very beginning. Oopsie! When it comes to me and technology, human error is a common occurrence… Let’s keep our fingers crossed I don’t erase my next DIY video!








I can’t wait for our back porch to be complete so I can hang this up! I will be sure to update this post, and share where it ends up once everything is all set up!


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