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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s day is right around the corner, so I’m sharing a few things that I’ve been loving lately and have had my eye on in case you still need some inspiration for your favorite mama that means so much to you.


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase something from a link in this post. Commissions help me continue to bring you great content, so THANK YOU!




Mother’s Day. What does it mean to you? To me it’s a day to show appreciation for those selfless mamas who do all the things to help us be us and to help us do our thing.


They do our laundry so we don’t have to think about it. They make our meals and pack us snacks so we don’t go hungry before our games. They make meal prep for the week so we have healthy food to eat. They help us with our homework. They work in offices and think about us every minute that we’re away. They also work from home, and somehow manage to get everything done while watching us too.


Did I mention taking care of all the things? There are so many things that we do as moms, and no matter how you like to celebrate, you should be shown some gratitude, no matter how big, or small.


I do love small tokens of appreciation. Especially as a mom of three kids under five. Sometimes it’s the little things that count like a little picture, or the little crafts that they bring home from school. Those are my favorite. Give this mama all the hand prints of anything. I will keep it forever.


But as a work from home mom, I also love the escapes. Sometimes we just need a moment to breathe and think about the person we were before we dedicated our lives to raising little humans, and also think about personal goals we are trying to achieve to make us better mamas, to better ourselves to be better moms.


For me it depends on the year how I’m feeling and how I want to celebrate. Sometimes I just want to spend the day alone shopping, or pampering myself, and sometimes I want to spend it with family and all the kiddos. Regardless of how I spend it though, it’s always nice to hear an ”I love you mom,” and a “Thank you for all that you do.” And if you need some help conveying your thoughts into something more, here are a few suggestions for you:









As someone who loves to cook, I love gifts that help make my life easier when it comes to doing things in the kitchen. I also love gifts that I love to enjoy while cooking… That means wine, ya’ll. One of the best things about cooking is enjoying a nice glass of wine while you’re cooking. Especially if you’re cooking from scratch and laboring away for hours and hours in a day, on your feet. A nice glass of wine to sip on while you’re cooking helps make the experience enjoyable, and also helps me get a bit creative at times as well.


I am a Cause Entrepreneur for One Hope, but since before I decided to become a part of the company and fundraise/drink wine for good, I loved these etched shimmer bottles that make such a sweet gift for any special occasion. One Hope has etched shimmer bottles paired with Kendra Scott druzy necklaces especially for Mother’s Day, but they also have shimmer bottles for any special occasion that you can think of. Weddings, first time homeowners, just because. It is definitely a bottle she won’t want to drink, or if she does, she’ll keep the bottle to put on display.


4/28 is the last day to order your etched shimmer bottles if you want to have it arrive in time for Mother’s Day. 


I have also been loving my Caraway cookware and it is a cult favorite for a reason. It is nontoxic and nonstick. What more is there to love? Custom colors to match your kitchen. YES PLEASE.


I have the dark blue cookware to match my navy and white cabinets, and nothing makes me happier than cooking in a clean kitchen with my matching pots and pans…


Okay, something that can make me happier. Cooking in a CLEAN kitchen with matching pots and pans. Is your house or a space in your house in need of a deep clean? Help mom cross that something off her list by scheduling someone to come in and clean it for her. Will recently scheduled an extra service of a refrigerator and oven cleaning onto our bi-monthly Merry Maids service, and I could not be more thankful.





As a gardener, I think live plants are always a good idea. Instead of a bouquet of flowers (although I do love flowers), a pot of some blooming bulbs, a fruit bearing tree or bush, or some other special perennial that I can display in my garden for years to come is always a good gift idea in my book. If you want to help elevate your gift a bit, give her something to display it in too.


Are you buying her bulbs or a flowering plant she can cut year after year? get her a pretty vase to display them in? Giving her a vase to display them in. Are you giving her a fruit tree? Give her a bowl to serve them in. Giving her some seedlings for her raised beds? Maybe give her some new gardening gloves, or tools to use in her garden.


The ranunculus pictured in some of my graphics in this post were from EASY TO GROW BULBS. I only had a few blooms the first year I planted these, but this year I have gotten so many! I love having a variety of flowers to bloom throughout the year. 






Got a mom who loves to work out, or just loves to dress in athleisure as she takes you to all your activities throughout the day? Get her some great sportswear to help her get from her morning workout to your afternoon activities. I have been loving these booty boost leggings from SPANX lately (that also are holding in my post-partum pooch), and either love a version of, or have my eye on these as well:





If your mama is a goal getter and is still pursuing her dreams, and just loves personal development and learning new things, she might love a subscription to MasterClass. Yes, you can get lots of inspiration for free on podcasts from different masters in their field, but MasterClass has such a great compilation of lessons from the best of the best that will never be featured on a podcast.


From cooking, to wine education, design, gardening… Learning about writing and business there is just so much that I have enjoyed already from my subscription to MasterClass and I have only scratched the surface of my subscription.




Does your mom like to hang out at home, or does she work from home and just not get out much? Get her something that she can display in her home to help make it a place she treasures and doesn’t want to leave.







A trip to your local spa or esthetician can’t be suggested enough. Even if she’s super busy, this is something she will schedule into her calendar because she definitely deserves it. Need a deal? Check your local Groupons.




Lately I have been loving my LED Face Mask from LED Esthetics. It has several different light color settings to target your specific skin issues, or you can put it on a setting that covers them all. They are currently having a 40% off sale just in time for Mother’s Day! 


If a new gadget is not really up her alley, luxurious hair care is always a treat. My hair has never been in better condition since I started using weekly oil treatments with Rejuvenique Oil from MONAT. It is really a unicorn of an oil, and has so many uses too! You can use it in your hair/scalp, on your dry skin, cuticles, lips… basically anywhere that needs a little extra moisture and TLC. And the best thing is that it is non-greasy and super absorbent.


I also have been using their bond building treatment since having my third baby and have to say, my hair has never been stronger, or shinier. The patented bond building technology penetrates all three layers of your hair to strengthen and repair damage from heat and coloring. 




Just because


Sometimes mom just needs something extra to make her feel special, and not something specifically to compliment her hobbies or needs.


A piece of jewlery, or something new to add to her closet is always acceptable as a gift for mom. Although I do love a good trend, when it comes to a gift of clothing, or shoes, I love something classic that I’ll be able to wear forever.


Since Mother’s Day is heading into the summer months, something linen, or tencel might be something to keep your radar out for. Also, smocked dresses, or something that can be won year round are also something to keep in mind.




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