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Whitening Your Teeth With Smile Brilliant’s At Home Professional Teeth Whitening Kit (and Enter to Win a Free Kit in a Giveaway!)

Whitening Your Teeth With Smile Brilliant’s  At Home Professional Teeth Whitening Kit (and Enter to Win a Free Kit in a Giveaway!)

It’s finally springtime. Plants are blooming and it is time to get outdoors! As we emerge from our winter hibernations, it is natural that we want to renew ourselves a bit, along with all the renewal that is happening outside. I recently partnered with Smile Brilliant, and went through the process of whitening my teeth with their, at home, professional teeth whitening kit. And let me tell you… I am feeling like I’m ready to get out and shine along with the sun!


I’m sharing my experience with Smile Brilliant, so you can see the amazing results that you can achieve for yourself from the comfort of your home. Did I mention Smile Brilliant is having a GIVEAWAY, too!? Keep reading to learn more!


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All opinions and content are original and from the author.


We all want a whiter smile and the older we get the more we actually need it. I love to enjoy my coffee, teas, red wine, berries… You name it, I don’t limit the foods I eat because they might stain my teeth. Over the years as those stains have built up, I have noticed my teeth not looking as bright as they used to be. And as a mid-thirty something female, I have tried practically every teeth whitening system out there. From getting professional trays at the dentist, to trying several different kinds of white strips, I have gone through the gamut, and that’s why I wanted to give Smile Brilliant a try.



Why Smile Brilliant?


Like I mentioned earlier, I have tried many different kinds of whitening systems in the past. Here is a rundown on what I’ve tried:


I have bought various kinds of white strips trying to see what works best over the years. While there are many good ones, I’ll tell you why I’m not a huge fan. The strips are always too wide. They get all over my gums and can cause sensitivity. I also tend to have trouble with them staying on sometimes because saliva makes them slide off.


I have tried the make your tray at home kits, and those are not that great either because it’s basically like putting the whitening gel in a mouthguard and the gel leaks out easily, etc.


I have also done professional trays from the dentist, but that was way back in the day when I was still covered under my parent’s insurance. Now a days, I don’t want to pay top dollar for whitening when I’m trying to save for my children’s futures. Also, as a busy mom, who really wants to take a few hours out of your day to do see the dentist to get that done?







Who doesn’t want a professional teeth whitening experience from the convenience of their own home? I had heard about Smile Brilliant in the past, and have seen great results online, so when Smile Brilliant contacted me about trying their product, I jumped at the chance. When I got the notification my package was sent, I was so excited to get the process going and get my teeth nice and white again. Everything from start to finish was super easy, and everything you need to whiten your teeth comes in one box!


After my Smile Brilliant package arrived, I made my dental impressions as soon as I could, and then sent them off so they could make my trays. The instructions provided are super easy to follow, but if you have any questions or want to make sure your dental impressions are done correctly, you can ask Smile Brilliant and send them pictures of your impressions before you send them off. Your trays will come back to you in about 4-6 days and you can get the whitening process started!


Professional trays are DEFINITELY how you want to whiten your teeth because they’re made specifically to hold the whitening gel in the front of your teeth via your custom fitted tray. To whiten your teeth, all you do is put a little bit of the gel in the front part of the tray, pop in your trays, and hang out for about 1-3 hours, anticipating your pearly white results.


Brace yourself. Here are the pictures of my teeth before starting my Smile Brilliant at home kit:








I am a busy mom with a toddler and a newborn, therefore I try to whiten my teeth during the quietest part of the day. For me, that means in the morning or during nap time. The trays are not very bulky, so you can totally function in them. While I wore them, however, I tried not to talk or drink too much to try to minimize swallowing of the whitening gel.


In the morning I’d start whitening after my morning workout, and (hopefully) before the kids woke up. I’d wear them throughout my morning routine (and the kids’ once they got up too). I could usually last for about an hour to an hour and a half before things started getting busy, and before I start talking too much to my two year old. Since it is recommended to whiten up to three hours at a time, some days I’d try to double up and whiten in the afternoon as well.




But, Melissa, did your have any sensitivity or pain?


I did not experience much tooth sensitivity at all during my whitening experience with Smile Brilliant. It may be because I was careful not to put too much gel in the trays (one whitening syringe lasted me for about a week and a half with up to two applications per day). If you are someone who has sensitive teeth and gums however, they provide tips to help minimize sensitivity in your teeth whitening kit. Your kit also comes with desensitizing gel which you can apply to your teeth to help minimize your tooth sensitivity.






I am SO pleased and happy with the results I achieved with my Smile Brilliant at home teeth whitening kit. I know it might sound a bit cray, but whiter teeth just make me feel younger and more tan! I also feel more confident and like I am able to be more outgoing with my whiter teeth. Can you tell a difference?!













After about a week of whitening I was really happy with my results and would have been happy stopping there. In total, I whitened my teeth for close to three weeks (two syringes worth). Despite me being pretty conservative with the amount of gel I put in the trays, I can really tell that almost all of the gray and yellow stains are gone from my teeth. With FOUR syringes of whitening gel in each kit, one box can really last you a long time!


If you would like to achieve great results with teeth whitening for yourself, enter the GIVEAWAY below for one FREE teeth whitening kit ($149 credit) from Smile Brilliant.






Like my results? You can achieve them too, FOR FREE, by entering this give away by Smile Brilliant! Here’s what you have to do:


Enter your name and email address through THIS LINK for the giveaway!



This giveaway will run for two weeks and is open to residents of the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.

Must be 18 years or older to enter. Void Where prohibited by local giveaway legislation.

One winner will be selected at random from all eligible entrants on the day the giveaway closes. Winner will be notified by Smile Brilliant via email within (2) business days of the giveaway end date.


All entrants into the giveaway will get an additional discount from Smile Brilliant just for entering. And for 15% off any tray set be sure to use code: HEADQUARTERSBYSHIP15





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