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Top Ten Kitchen Appliances for your Wedding Registry | Build a Gourmet Kitchen

Top Ten Kitchen Appliances for your Wedding Registry | Build a Gourmet Kitchen

Have you recently become engaged? If you have, your wedding registry is the perfect opportunity to start building the gourmet kitchen of your dreams. Not quite in that stage yet, but still a foodie who loves to cook? This post is for you too!  Cooking can be a breeze, and a lot of fun with the right equipment. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite kitchen appliances that I use in my kitchen all the time. Many of which my husband and I received as wedding gifts as well!  


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Kitchen aid 5 Speed Immersion Blender


This is by far one of my favorite kitchen tools, that I recommend for every kitchen. It is a high powered, five speed, hand held immersion blender that does so much! I have used this tool in so many different ways, it is worth every penny you spend on it.  For an idea of this appliance’s versatility, I have made soups, baby food, whipped cream, frothed up lattes, chopped up onions and other veggies and have even used it to make soap! 




I have made soups, baby food, smoothies, frothed up lattes, chop onions and other veggies, and have even used it to make soap, just to name a few!


The Kichen-Aid five speed immersion blender comes with all these attachments in a heavy duty case, so it is easy to store too. This appliance is a one stop shop for pretty much any kind of kitchen tool you might need (and no need to buy extra attachments and other add ons like with the KitchenAid Mixer.)




KitchenAid Mixer

Ahh, the crown jewel of the kitchen, the KitchenAid Mixer. This is also a top appliance that I love and was so surprised when we actually received it as a wedding gift! I thought it was one of those things that you register for and cross your fingers that someone will buy it for you, but will end up having to buy yourself. Mine is green (my favorite color), but there are so many colors (and a few different styles) to choose from you can match your KichenAid Mixer perfectly to your kitchen.


The KitchenAid Mixer comes with three standard attachments (a mixing paddle, whisk, and dough hook), but there are so many different attachments you can get for this machine, again, the possibilities are endless with what you can do.


Some of my favorite KitchenAid attachments are the spiralizer (I love making zoodles) and the food processor attachment that I love because it makes all that tedious work (like chopping, grating, and slicing) a cinch! I also love the pasta making attachments because there is really nothing like homemade pasta. It is also a great at home, date night activity, and not to mention, a great excuse to open up a bottle of wine! 



A Quality Knife Set


My biggest pet peeve in the kitchen is dull knives! Anyone concur? In my opinion, all food prep will be frustrating and stressful if you don’t have a good knife set in your kitchen. But the satisfaction of a sharp knife with a good weight? Ahhhhh….. Zen! Once you have quality, sharp knives, cooking becomes a breeze. 


I have a Calphalon set of knives that are awesome! I use at least one knife from my set every single day. Make sure you get a set that includes a knife sharpener as well for the occasional tune up.


When looking for a good knife set, I also recommend finding knives with a good weight. It just seems to make cutting easier when knives are weighted properly.



Quality Pots and Pans


Quality (and non-toxic) pans are a must to have in your kitchen. 


Cutting Boards


These are essential for the kitchen. I like to use thin multicolored cutting boards for everyday use. They’re easy to pick up and drop whatever you’ve chopped into a pan or container. I do have a couple wooden ones for special occasions too. They make great cheese boards!


Food Processor

A food processor is another kitchen essential. While the 5 Speed Hand Mixer and KitchenAid Mixer do some food processing (and are very convenient for that), I love my 11 cup food processor, by Cuisinart, to make pesto, hummus, and bread dough.



Dutch Oven (Le Creuset)

While a crock pot (and I guess insta pot) have their conveniences, you can never go wrong with a classic, dutch oven. My Le Creuset is a newer addition to my kitchen, and I love it so much more than my crock pot. It speeds up cooking time with soups, and chilis, and is much more versatile too. You can roast meat and even bake bread in a dutch oven!



Spoons and Spatulas

Spoons and spatulas are basics for the kitchen, but I want to add that I love the OXO wooden spoons and silicone spatulas.



For all those health nuts out there, a juicer is a great appliance to invest in for your kitchen. I have an old, Jack Lalane Juicer that I stole from my mom (thanks mom!), but the machine is still running as strong as day 1! Juicing is a great way to add extra nutrition to your diet if you know you don’t get enough fruits and veggies day to day.


If you like buying $10 juices from juice bars, or do cleanses occasionally, investing in a juicer is worth it and will save you tons of money over time.


You can also never go wrong with a VITAMIX.


High Speed Blenders


I love my Magic Bullet and Ninja because they’re great for smoothies on the go. You can blend everything up, pop a lid on, and go! The blenders also come with multiple cups, and lids, so you can put the smoothies together in advance if you like to make-ahead meals for the week. SHOP NINJAS HERE.






I hope you enjoyed this post! Is there anything else you think that I forgot to mention? Leave a comment and let me know your favorite kitchen appliance.


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