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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Gifts for Her

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Gifts for Her

This weekend is Mother’s Day and many of us will be getting together with our loved ones to shower all the maternal figures in our lives and show our appreciation for all that they have done to mold us into the people we are today. I’m well aware that this post is a little late to the game, as many online orders needed to be placed by last Sunday to assure delivery by Mother’s day, but I wanted to share it anyway because many items are on sale (and I also love to save gift ideas for later on as well).


How do you like to spend your Mother’s Day? Whether it be surrounded by family, or getting some much needed alone time, I don’t think there’s a wrong answer. Last year with an infant and two year old, I really just wanted a little break with some peace and quiet.  This year, I’m excited to spend the day playing with my girls after we have a little Mother’s Day lunch with family.


When it comes to Mother’s Day Gifts, I’m still waiting on the day my kids start crafting gifts for me. Since Greta is in school this year, I am hoping her teacher will send home some surprises for all the moms this year. If you don’t have time to get the kids crafting, here are a few suggestions of things I think any mom would love. 



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Since most of us spent 2020 indoors, most of my gift suggestions are centered around spending time at home. Did you pick up any new hobbies last year? I didn’t really pick up anything new, but instead started focusing on trying to finish up decor projects so I can get my house the way I want it to be. I also have been spending a lot more time in the garden, planting more flowers and trying to maximize my raised beds with fresh produce and herbs for cooking. We will see how everything turns out this year!


Here are my suggestions for Mother’s Day this year:





We all become bag ladies once we start having children. Prior to having kids life was definitely a lot simpler. I mean, you could leave the house with just your keys, phone, a couple cards, and be good to go. After kids, you need all the bags to carry all the things. Diapers, bottles, water bottles, wipes, extra clothes, snacks, toys. Don’t even get me started on traveling with kids. Bags, on bags, on bags!


While I do have several different bags I use to tote all of the things, my favorite ones to use are ones that don’t look like diaper bags. When I’m running errands with kids I’ll often have one big bag that I keep in my car with everything I could possibly need for the kids, and then I have a smaller bag that I can take into stores with just a couple things that I might need in case of emergency. I have used a leather convertible backpack from Mark and Graham for several years now, and have really enjoyed it for the versatility of having a purse and backpack option. I recently added an Itzy Ritzy quilted bag to the mix. It is the perfect size for when you get to the stage where you just need the essentials and you’re good to go.






Breakfast in bed is a classic go to for Mother’s Day. As far as gifts go, you can never go wrong with a gift that helps mom relax and unwind. I welcome gift cards to the spa any day!


For unwinding at home, nothing beats a nice pair of cozy PJ’s and a hot cup of tea. In 2020, so many brands came out with cozy loungewear, there’s so many new lines to try! During a good holiday sale last year I thought I’d give some PJ’s from Ann Taylor a try, and I fell totally in love! They are so soft and comfortable, I want to wear them all the time. Not to mention they have some really cute sets.


I have also been eyeing this linen PJ set as a great year round set. Linen is a luxurious fabric that is very durable and gets softer, and more comfortable with age. Like wool, it also keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the wintertime (you can check out more about linen and my favorite linen staples HERE). When I saw these PJ’s I definitely added them to my wish list.


I really loved this breakfast tray from Anthropologie when I saw it too. I love the cool design and brass handles on the top. It could totally be used as a centerpiece on a table, as well as a tray for the occasions when you want breakfast in bed. 







There’s no doubt about it that blue and white is very much on trend these days. Chinoiserie chic style is so hot now, that many clothing brands are also incorporating this style into prints and different pieces! I’m not mad about it, and have been keeping my eyes on several items, hoping that I can snag them on sale before they’re sold out.


Although I have blue and white painted cabinets in my kitchen, I didn’t have any blue and white pottery until recently when I acquired a few pieces that were my grandma’s. Growing up when I’d think of going to Grandma’s house, I’d think of her blue and white pottery, and all the other Asian accents in her home that she collected from her travels. I love the sentimental value of them and that when I see them I think of her. Since acquiring those few pieces, I have added a few other blue and white pieces to help tie everything together. Here are a few things I have been loving lately.







Because so many of us got into gardening last year, I wanted to give a few gift suggestions for the garden. Instead of getting a bouquet of flowers that only lasts a few days, I would much rather get a new flowering bush, or some bulbs that can give me flowers year after year. Not to mention, you have a reminder of the person who gave you that plant for as long as you can keep it alive. 




I added a few of these garden arches (under $100 each)to my raised beds this year to help save space with some vertical gardening. I love the interest that it adds to the space, and the kids have fun running through them already. I can’t wait until they are covered in peas, tomatoes, and cucumbers this summer. 



Outfit details:



here are a few extras, several on sale!



If you’re a mom I hope you have an amazing mother’s day and that your loved ones let you know how appreciated you are.


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