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My Monthly Staple | Linen

My Monthly Staple | Linen

Hot August nights call for cool, breathable fabrics. Am I right!? One of my favorite fabrics to wear in the summertime is Linen. Although summer is almost over, I thought linen would be a great start to a new series of posts that I am adding to Ship’s HQ called, “My Monthly Staple.” In this monthly post, I am going to  share staple items that I consider foundations for a classic wardrobe. With this new series I’ll do my best to link exact items, but some of these staples have been in my closet for a while. I hope you’ll have fun following along with me as I share my favorite closet staples, and maybe get inspired to add some staples to your wardrobe as well!


Did you know that Linen is not only cool and breathable, but it is also insulating and can keep you warm too? Keep reading to learn more fun facts about this chic and versatile fabric.


Disclaimer: If you purchase something from a link provided in this post, I may earn a small commission from your purchase. Ship’s HQ appreciates your support and thanks you!


I know most of us in our day to day life don’t think much about fabrics in general. As someone who loves to sew, however, I feel like certain fabrics just speak to me. And good quality fabrics always jump out at me. I have always loved the casual elegance of linen and DEFINITELY am a fan of it’s timelessness. But did you know there’s more to this lightweight fabric than meets the eye? Here are some stats on this highly sought after fabric.


Find my yellow linen skirt HERE






Most linen pieces of clothing can easily be dressed up or down your linen staples. I love that most pieces can be worn with flip flops and a simple tank top, but if you want a little more pizzaz, you can throw on a lace cami, heels and some accessories, and you’re ready for a nigh out on the town. The possibilities are really endless! And with wrinkles as part of this fabric’s natural beauty, you don’t need to worry about ironing to look good.




As one of the world’s strongest natural fibers, your linen pieces are sure to last for many, many years. A lot of linen starts out soft, but like a fine wine, linen will also get better with time. I definitely have had some linen pieces that start out on the stiffer side and seem so wrinkly that you want to starch them flat, but after many washes they’re now super soft and just require a light steam to get them looking like perfection.


Linen pants on SALE for only $20! Find Bogg Bags HERE.




Flax needs very little water to grow and is able to grow in poor soil. Every part of the flax plant is also used to produce linen fabric. Linen is also biodegradable and recyclable! Although I hope with proper care, you’ll be able to wear your linen forever.









If you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies, linen might just become your new best friend. Linen is kind of like a natural dry fit fabric that you can wear without looking like you’re about to go to they gym. It has moisture wicking capabilities that helps keep your skin dry. Fabrics that allow moisture to build up, like cotton, can agitate people that have allergies or skin conditions, like eczema. Unlike cottons, polyesters and other fabrics, linen keeps you dry and also allows air to circulate to keep skin irritation at bay. 




Did you know that linen is a a thermoregulating fabric? The moisture wicking ability of this lightweight fabric not only keeps you dry, but it also can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Linen is a natural insulator, so it is like wool, but without all the extra sweating that happens when you wear wool.





When it comes to linen in my closet, I have a ton! Shorts, pants, skirts, tops, and I even have a linen suit (hey, it gets hot as an an attorney in the south)! Some pieces are newer, and some are over ten years old (like my brown pants are old, London Jean brand for those of you who remember that!).


I love the variety that you can find of linen pieces, but mostly I love that I’ll be able to wear all of these pieces for the rest of my life. When looking for linen staples to add to my wardrobe, I like to look for classic styles and silhouettes that are timeless, like A-line skirts, draw string pants, and blouses. Looking for linen in neutral tones (like white, tan, brown, navy, olive, & black) also help keep the pieces versatile and timeless. 


A lot of linen these days is surprisingly affordable, but like practically everything, I try to buy it on sale! Since school has already started, and fall is right around the corner, now is the time to start looking for sales on items to add to your summer wardrobe for next year. Now is the perfect time to stock up on those classic pieces you can wear forever with ALL the summer sales going on right now!














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