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Birthday Wish List

Birthday Wish List

June is my birthday month, so I thought it appropriate to create a wish list of things I’ve had my eye on for a while. Gifts are always fun. Whether you’re giving, or receiving. There’s nothing like a gift to show how much you appreciate that someone special in your life. Keep these items in mind for that busy mom and hobbyist in your life (and Will, just save this link! :)).


Disclaimer: If you purchase something from a link provided, there’s a good chance that I may earn a small commission off your purchase, at no additional cost to you. Commissions help me bring you content, so thank you!


Convertible Backpack


Alright, so I gifted this one to myself already. I just couldn’t wait any longer, I was so tired of toting around a diaper bag on one shoulder that constantly slips and gets in the way, when I have my baby in my other arm. It was fine when she was really little, but it has just gotten annoying to me having a bulky bag in the way when you’re out doing all the things you do as a mom.


Enter the convertible backpack! So much more convenient, and I love THIS convertible backpack from Mark and Graham because it is great quality, stylish, and it is convertible, so I can wear it as a purse if I want to.


Did I mention that it is personalized with a monogram too?! It had been at least five years since I’ve gotten a good quality, leather bag, so I thought it was time to add to my collection…



Top: T.J. Maxx (Similar Here)| Pants: Ann Taylor (Similar On Sale!) | Bag: Mark and Graham | Shoes: Amazon (Under $35!) | Sunglasses: Quay | Tortoise Bracelet: Mark and Graham | Nail Bracelet: Accessory Concierge 


Here are some additional convertible backpack styles for you:





Gardeners, and plant lovers out there, what do you do in the winter time with all your plants?! Come that first frost around my house up until spring, my dining room and kitchen turn into a disaster zone with all the plants that I bring in. Add on top of that babies and dogs getting into the potted plants on occasion… I need a solution to this mess.


It would be nice to have a spot outside to keep all these plants in the winter, and also have a place to start seeds. There are so many pop up greenhouses in different sizes, you can really find anything to suit your yard and specific needs.


I have seen really cute greenhouses made from salvaged windows, and other material that are super cute, but don’t really have the time (or skill) to try to undertake a project like that right now, so I’ve found these greenhouses instead:




Miter Saw


I have a lot of DIY projects that I would like to do around the house, and a miter saw is essential to these projects, so I can do them correctly.  I’d take a new or used miter saw, and probably need to start searching for the best deal so I can tackle some projects this summer…


If anyone has recommendations on what to get, please let me know!






Can a girl ever have enough summer sandals? Aside from an occasional pairing of sneakers with a sporty outfit (my favorites right now are my WHITE SUPERGAS), I am in sandals 24/7 for most of the year. Flats are usually my every day go-to, but I’m really loving THESE huarache style platform sandals from CHOCOLAT BLU. It’s the perfect “summer heel,” because it gives you good height, but is flat and so comfy, so you could wear them walking all day. A perfect travel sandal!


Good quality shoes are something that I like to invest in because I think it is important to take good care of your feet, and have comfortable shoes with proper support. Good quality shoes that last is worth it!


Shop Summer Sandals Here:





You know those baby silhouettes that you can get of your children? I’d love to get one done of Greta, but I’m not sure where to get one! Let me know if you have any recommendations.





I love the classic style of Boden, and love 95% of what they put out. I am also in love with their kids clothes! Boden has the best quality (and a great resale value for the kids clothes). I especially love that you can wash their blazers, and other work attire, in the washing machine.


And did I mention their 365 day guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the quality of their products?! If you have a problem with the quality of their clothes you can return them, no questions asked, within 365 days. I ended up exchanging a romper for Greta once that got some weird stain (some sort of chemical reaction in the wash), and they had the bet customer service through the whole exchange process.


Shop Boden (and their current sales!) here:





Who else wears athleisure as their momiform 90% of the time? It is comfortable, and perfect for an active lifestyle with kids… Our puppy has snagged most of my nice leggings so I need to update my collection soon now that she’s getting better with jumping.


We’re also going on a hiking trip later this summer too (I am so excited!), so I could use some new attire!


Shop Leggings Here:




Brass Candle Holders


I have slowly been finding stuff for my mantle in the living room over the past three years. I think all I need to complete the look are some brass candle holders! I have been eyeing lots of 5-7 on Ebay, but have yet to pull the trigger on them.




Floor Steamer


This is not really a personal gift, but I need one to clean up after our pup. The regular mop is just not cutting it anymore! Would make me and my mid-toned hardwood very happy.




This is a pretty wide ranging wish list, right!? Are any of these items on your wish list? Do you prefer practical or personal gifts? What’s on your wish list? Comment and let me know!




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