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The Beauty Lover’s Gift Guide

The Beauty Lover’s Gift Guide

While this time of year is my favorite because of all the family time, and delicious food; I always look forward to the holidays for the SALES on beauty products. I take the season’s sale opportunities to pamper myself a little and stock up for the year on those brands that I use over and over and might be running low on. These gift ideas are for all those beauty and self care lovers out there.




Disclaimer: If you purchase something from a link provided in this post, I may earn a small commission from your purchase. Ship’s HQ appreciates your support and thanks you!




When it comes to skincare, I look for clean, good for you products. A few brands that I like to keep in rotation are Tula, Origins, and Drunk Elephant products. There is nothing I haven’t liked from any of these brands. I am also a big proponent of always having a bottle of Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion on hand for the occasional pimple (or bug bite), so I always like to include that in gift guides too.









One of my favorite items to buy every year for myself, and others, is Sephora’s Lash Stash box. It is a value box full of Sephora’s top selling mascaras (and you get a set of falsies too). I love it because it will literally last me the whole year, sometimes longer. If you only want a couple of the items in the box, or have some girls you’re giving small gifts to (or for stocking stuffers) the Lash Stash box is also a great box to break up to spread the wealth! Who doesn’t love cracking open a new mascara just in time for New Years?


Other makeup sets I love include value sets of everyday makeup like blushes and bronzers. I have a mini square of Benefit blush that I got in a gift set, and it is still going strong after almost two years. Out of all the different brands I’ve used, Bobbi Brown, Tarte, and Benefit Cosmetics are my favorite. I just love their natural looking colors that give you a great glow.





I also love holiday mini lip kit sets because, as someone who doesn’t wear a lot of lip color and as someone who also likes to mix it up, the minis give you a great variety! I have rarely ever finished a whole tube of lip gloss (it’s just so much!), so I think the smaller editions are great.




One piece of makeup that I cannot live without, and that makes a great stocking stuffer, is Benefit’s High Brow highlighter crayon. It is just the perfect light shade of pink for a natural looking highlight. It’s really a great pick me up if you’ve been sleep deprived for one reason or another. NYX does make a cheaper version that is just about the same exact shade, but it is a little waxier and does not go on as smooth.







Who couldn’t use more hair tools?! I was recently gifted a Vibrastrait Pro, vibrating flat iron from Beautopia Hair, and I am loving it! It is a hair iron with tourmaline ceramic plates that protect your hair from heat damage.


After my first use of the straightener, I could really feel a difference with the softness of my hair. I recently lightened my hair, A LOT, so you know that stiff, dry feeling your hair gets after being bleached? Well, after using the Vibrastrait Pro, it felt like I had done a good conditioning treatment on my hair. And I hadn’t even used any heat protectors, or styling cream! I was very surprised. I don’t know if my Chi is just getting old, but it definitely does not perform as well as the Vibrastrait Pro flat iron.




Find a Vibrastrait Pro Hair Irons HERE.


Another feature I enjoyed was the vibration technology. It helped my hair easily glide through the tourmaline ceramic plates, especially when trying to curl my hair with the iron. I had kind of given up on trying to curl my hair with flat irons because I think I’d always grip the hair iron too tight and make kinks. I was a little out of practice when I tried curling my hair with this flat iron (took me a while with my thick hair), but you really can’t beat the loose beach waves that you can make with a flat hair iron.








One of my favorite gifts that I gifted myself last year was a Silke hair wrap to sleep in at night. Yes, it is a little pricy (around $65) for something that you only wear at night, but it is totally worth it! I literally can wake up now without having to even brush my hair. My hair also lasts longer in between shampoos too (up to 5 days vs. 3 before). As a busy mom, if I can save any amount of time getting ready in the morning, I am all about it, because there is just not enough time in the day for all the things that we have to do.











Since this gift guide covered mostly beauty products, I wanted to remind you that true beauty comes from the inside out! No product by itself will do miracles for you. You need to give yourself the best foundation you can by getting enough sleep, exercise, drinking enough water, and having proper nutrition.


While I am far from perfect with all of this myself, and am a big proponent of the 80/20 rule, I always take my supplements to make up for those areas where I might be lacking. Especially as I age, I have noticed that supplements are A MUST to maintain good energy levels, a clear mind, and healthy, younger looking skin!




I am a Global Healing affiliate, but even if I weren’t, I would share these products with you. I love sharing things that make me feel good and help me stay healthy! I have been taking Global Healing’s nascent iodine supplement for a few years now, and I feel like it has really helped my energy levels and has also helped regulate my weight post pregnancy (helps with thyroid issues). Also, with the heightened need for prevention that 2020 has brought as well, I have also kept in rotation Global Healing’s vitamin D3, Zinc, Vitamin C, and B12.


Not all supplements are created equal, and lots of other vitamins are full of fillers and even sometimes a synthetic form of the vitamin! I know that I am getting the best, most effective vitamins with Global Healing’s organic, vegan products (they even have a 365 guarantee in case you don’t agree!). I’d rather spend money on supplements, than hospital bills is what I always say! You can help other’s start 2021 off on the right foot too with some quality supplements!



Global Healing is having 15% off site wide for Black Friday! Even if you’re not looking to buy today, The Global Healing Center’s website is a great resource for amazing articles on health and wellness. 




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