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Keeping It Cool

Keeping It Cool

Summers in the south can be sweltering, and sometimes a little miserable. Pool season is about to start, so with things starting to heat up around here, I thought it would be fun to share how I like to keep my cool in the summer heat.


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There’s nothing like a good linen piece to give you an effortless, but chic look. Casual and always classy, I love me some linen in the summer!


With linen, you can wear something that gives you full coverage, but can feel a breeze all over. Did you know that linen is also great for absorbing sweat and keeping you dry, the same way athletic fabric works? It is also anti-bacterial!


Hat: Banana Republic (Similar Here from Amazon) | Top: Garnet Hill (Similar Here On Sale!) | Pants: Ann Taylor Modern Skinny (Similar Blush Style Here)| Leather Bracelet: Mark and Graham (Similar Here on Amazon) | Gold Bracelet: Accessory Concierge | Shoes: Superga Cotu Classics | Floor Mat: Little Nomad






It’s always a good idea to protect yourself from the sun, especially your face! Need I say more? Just get a hat that’s breathable too… I love straw sun hats in the summertime!



Shop Summer Hats Here:



Dr. Bronners


Have you ever tried Dr. Bronners Peppermint Castille Soap?! If you haven’t, just add this to your shopping cart right now, because you’re going to love this soap (especially when it’s hot outside!)! It is peppermint, very invigorating, and creates the best cooling sensation when you wash with it.


I love using this soap after a good workout, after a long day of yard work, and just all the time in the summer. It gives you a nice pick me up, and is so refreshing! The cooling effect is so strong too, I can’t use this soap in the winter because it will give me chills!


Dr. Bronner’s: Peppermint Soap | Cause+Medic: Hemp Pain Cream | Tula: Glow and Get It | Hat: Similar Here Amazon | Palm Placemat: World Market (On Sale Now!) 


This soap may seem a little pricy, but one 32 oz. bottle lasts for a really long time! I have tried many other peppermint soaps also, to try to save a buck or two here and there, but none compare to Dr. Bronners!


If PEPPERMINT is too invigorating, Dr. Bronner’s ROSE CASTILLE SOAP smells divine! The LAVENDER SOAP   (and BABY SOAP) is also very nice. 


Dr. Bronner’s soap also has many other household uses for natural cleaning!




Tula’s Glow and Get It


There’s nothing like putting something cooling on your eyes after a long, hot day. The Tula, Glow and Get It, cooling and brightening eye balms is cooling, and can be thrown in your purse in case you need to cool off anywhere! It is a blue balm, packed full of nutrients that will really refresh your skin while it is cooling it down. It is tightening too!



Tula’s Multi Spectrum Eye Serum, with the metal applicator, is also cooling, but is supposed to be applied under other products, unlike their eye balm, which can be applied over your makeup. You can SHOP ALL TULA PRODUCTS HERE.


For more on eye care CLICK HERE.



Cause + Medic

A friend of mine, started a skin care line (based out of Colorado) called Cause+Medic, that uses the benefits of CBD in skin care. All Cause+Medic products are great (and I cannot wait for their face products to re-launch), but my favorite is their CBD Pain Cream. It is kind of like Icy Hot, but so much better, and it is good for your skin too!


I don’t wait until I have sore muscles to use this cream. I love slathering some on my legs and shoulders after a long day for a refreshing treat. It is great to just ease everyday tension.


Ladies who are pregnant or looking to become pregnant soon, stock up on this cream because you will love it on tired legs!



You find Cause+Medic’s Hemp Pain Cream HERE.




The best way to keep cool in the heat is to stay hydrated, friends! I never leave home without my YETI Rambler, and love a good infused ice water in the summertime. Also, while we’re on the topic of water, I always like to make sure that my water is filtered too!


Sun Glasses: Amazon (Under $10) | Earrings: Kate Spade | Sandals: Amazon (Under $40!)






Cheers and Stay Cool,



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