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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I can’t believe I’ve been a mom for almost THREE years now. Time really flies once you start having kids, doesn’t it!? And add a pandemic + quarantine on top of that, and I’m really losing track of time over here… If you’re still looking for gifts for Mother’s Day, I’ve rounded up a few suggestions. A few are things that I really love, and a few are also what is on my wish list. Hope you enjoy!


Disclaimer: If you purchase something from a link provided in this post, I may earn a small commission from your purchase. Headquarters by Ship appreciates your support and thanks you!


I currently have a two year old and a two month old. When it comes to gifts for me I’m pretty much happy with anything. Quiet time to read a book, not having to pick up toys for a day, extra snuggles from my girls… It’s the little things that really make the holiday special. I really can’t wait until they’re a little bit older and can make me gifts, because this DIY’er loves a good gift that comes from the heart. Any other gift on top of that is just a bonus.


When it comes to gifts for Mother’s Day there are so many directions you can go. Does she need something cozy since we’ve all been spending more time at home? Maybe a little pampering and self care since she’s been working extra hard to take care of everyone these days? I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the following suggestions:


Ice Gel Pillow | Barefoot Dreams Sweater |  Furry Slippers |  Chocolat Blu Wedges |  Silhouette |  Personalized Jewelry |  Origins Gift Set |  Tatcha Harper Gift Set





I haven’t tried this Ice Gel Pillow, but it recently caught my eye when I was browsing through a magazine and is definitely on my want list. I like being cool when I sleep and this pillow has rave reviews. They also make one that is warming on one side and cooling on the other!




I recently bought this sweater for myself ON SALE and I don’t know why I didn’t buy one sooner! It is the SOFTEST, AND COZIEST sweater EVER and it really has made being quarantined a little more bearable. It is perfect for lounging and going out as well!




I don’t like wearing shoes around the house because they track in dirt, but I also don’t like to walk around barefoot all day on hardwood floors either. These slippers are perfect to wear year round and the furry-ness is a little glam and so much fun.




This wedge is perfect for summer and Chocolat Blu shoes are the perfect “mom shoe” because they’re not only a classic style that will last, but they’re SO COMFORTABLE too! My feet grew bigger during both of my pregnancies, so I’ve had to invest in some new shoes and I absolutely love the wedges that I bought for the summer (pictured below). They give the perfect height, but you don’t feel like you’re wearing heels when you’re wearing them, so you can really walk around in them all day. Did I mention they’re SO COMFY too? They do run a little small, so size up.


Maxi Dress (Under $25!) | Sun Hat (On Sale Under $25!) | Wedges | Sun Glasses ($10!)



My shoes were sold out last time I checked (so glad I didn’t try to wait for them to go on sale), but I linked them just in case they get restocked.




Silhouette portraits are so precious and a keepsake that any mom will cherish. Little kid features are so adorable, and I love how they’re captured in a classic silhouette.




Etsy has such a wide variety of personalized jewelry that you can order. From pieces with birth dates, initials, roman numerals… you name it, it can be made and done. I love every piece of jewelry that I have with my kids names, initials, and birth dates on them, and plan on adding to my collection with each little one God blesses me with.




You can never go wrong with a nice gift set so mom can pamper herself. Especially if it is a nicer line of skincare that she wouldn’t normally buy herself. I LOVE practically everything from Origins (Gift Set under $30). They are a great, natural line, and everything smells so good! Tatcha Harper is a brand that I started using more recently, but I have really loved her product line as well.




With all the businesses that have been shut down lately a gift certificate to a local retailer, or local masseuse is a great option for mom so she can get out and have some fun once everything opens back up. GROUPON is also a good idea for gift certificates that are discounted. I really want to try cryotherapy and plan on buying a Groupon for it once things open back up!




I am a crazy plant lady, so I welcome plants as gifts for any occasion, but especially mother’s day. I love gardening with my children, and something that I can put in my yard that reminds me of them year after year is something that I will cherish forever. Something easy to care for, like LIMELIGHT HYDRANGEAS, or even a SNAKE PLANT for inside is always welcome in my book.




Hope you enjoyed this gift guide for mother’s day! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think, or what your favorite gift for mother’s day has been!


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