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Family Christmas Pajamas

Family Christmas Pajamas

Who loves family Christmas pajama sets?! When I was little, I remember matching pajamas making the Holidays more fun (okay I was twinsies with my sister a lot of the time regardless of the season), and I still love matching today! Being a mom of girls (one coming in January), I love twinning and trying to match our outfits as much as possible. When it comes to everyday style, I usually keep it lower key, and keep my eye out for items for my LO that are similar to staples that I already own (think striped shirts, utility jackets, buffalo check plaid shirts, sweaters in the same color, etc. ). When it comes to Christmas pajamas, however, I plan on going all out and twinning for as long as my children will let me.


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I’m not usually a big pajama set wearer. When I get a set of pajamas, I usually end up wearing the pants and a tank top or tee shirt. When it comes to Christmas pajamas, however, I will always wear the full set! Christmas pajamas just make me feel merry, and are so much fun to wear during the holiday season (okay, and probably through February if you really want to know).


I was looking for a cute Christmas onesie on Smocked Auctions that could be personalized for Greta, and came across these santa PJ’s that I thought were so cute! When I saw that they came in an adult size too, I knew these were going to be our PJ’s for this year. I also was keeping my fingers crossed that having cute Santa PJ’s would help Greta warm up to the idea of Santa Claus because she definitely was not a fan last year, and after a recent trip to Home Depot, where we ran into a life size moving and talking Santa figure, Greta has randomly been saying, “Santa is scary,” about every day!




I wish I could show you the adorable pictures that I took of Greta’s smiling face in her Santa PJ’s, but my husband and I decided that we’d protect her privacy when it comes to blogging and social media posts. My day job has exposed me to too much of the bad in the world, we just choose to air on the side of caution and I’ll just leave it at that! That is another reason too why I enjoy blogging, it is always much more light hearted.


Anywhoo, my hope for Greta and the Santa PJ’s worked because she has gone from saying, “Santa is scary,” to “Santa is happy!”


Greta was also around when I got my package in the mail from Smocked Auctions, and she was so excited to see that we had something matching to wear! I just had to wash our PJ’s right away and wear them. The first night we put them on she went around the house saying, “we’re twinges!,” all night long; it was just too cute!







Now I know what you’re thinking. If these are family PJ’s where is Will!? I thought I’d spare him this year, and wait until Greta can encourage him more to be part of the family fun next year!


Also, did I mention how soft and cozy these PJ’s are!? They’re definitely a quality, timeless set that I’ll wear year after year (long after my kiddos have outgrown them!).







If you like matching PJ’s for your children, or for the whole family, what are your traditions on when and how you give them to your children? I know a lot of people give them to their kids on/after Thanksgiving, but is there something special you do or give with them to help kick off the holiday season? I broke ours out a little early this year, but am looking to start a fun tradition with Christmas PJ’s next year.



MY OTHER FINDS from smocked auctions:





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