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Trader Joe’s | Top Picks

Trader Joe’s | Top Picks

I did it again, ya’ll. Had another trip to Trader Joe’s! Here are some of my favorite items that I did not cover in my last post on TJ’s, along with some of their seasonal items for the summer!




These picks are items that are staples in my diet, and that I buy over and over again.



I love hummus. I make it sometimes (because it’s so much cheaper to make it yourself than to buy it in the store), but often I go for the convenience and just buy it pre-made. One of my favorite flavors is Trader Joe’s Mediterranean Hummus. It is so yum! They also have a white bean, and basil hummus too, that is very good. This was my first time trying the Buffalo Style, and the Cilantro and Jalapeño; both are very good!



Have you tried an Acai Bowl yet!? They are so good, and you can make them yourself at home. Acai is very high in vitamins and antioxidants, and can help strengthen your immune system, is anti-aging, and supports a healthy heart and blood, so give it a try today!


Find my Acai Bowl Recipe Here



Guacamole is such a healthy and yummy snack. I love the reduced guilt guac, but sometimes have to mix it up with the spicy too! The Mexican Street Corn chips are a seasonal item, but looked like a delicious pair for my guac. If you’re a fan of fritos with an extra flair, try these chips!




Trader Joe’s has a lot of seasonal items that keep me coming back, again and again (who else anticipates fall and all things pumpkin from Trader Joe’s every year?!). Here are a couple summer items that I picked up recently.



Okay, I didn’t get any of the peonies because I have some bushes in my yard, and have already been enjoying them this year. Peonies are my favorite flower though, and they were just so gorgeous, I had to snap a pic! These were a great price, and won’t last long, so get down to Trader Joe’s yesterday if you want some!



I don’t usually do a lot of peach flavored stuff, but this Peach Bellini Jam caught my eye, and I ended up throwing it in my cart. It’s made with Italian prosecco and has a nice, light flavor for the summer.



Zinc Oxide is the best sunscreen you can use, in my opinion. This sunscreen is hypoallergenic, so it’s good for your face, young kids, everything! It is a great price too, so stock up!




Because sometimes you just got to have a little chocolate…



Are these pretzels making you thirsty? These dark chocolate covered pretzels really hit the spot when you have a chocolate craving.


If you’re a coffee lover and haven’t tried chocolate covered espresso beans yet, these are a must! So good… Watch out though because they’ll get you jacked up!



These were an impulse buy for me… Pistachios and dark chocolate just sounded really good at the time. The toffee is really sweet, so you won’t need much of this to satisfy your sweet tooth. 





Sometimes the days are just too long, you don’t have time to wait for dinner. These are some of my favorites from TJ’s.



These tamales are so good, you must give them a try if you’re a fan of tamales. They have chicken and beef flavors too, but these two are my favorite. If you’ve ever tried making tamales before, you know it’s a very time consuming process. Save your time and just try these!



Every now and then you just need a frozen pizza, right?! These flatbreads are delicious, and I love these topping combos. 






I’m a fan of almost everything truffle. These are delicious. Try them with my alfredo sauce.






I got these to try to sneak more broccoli into Greta’s diet without having to smother broccoli in cheese. Will let you know what she thinks when we try them!



Rose oil is so hydrating, and good for your face. This is a blended oil, but was a great price point so I wanted to give it a try! It smells so good, and absorbs quickly without leaving you feeling greasy. This is a great oil to use at night with your jade roller!


Hope you all enjoyed this post! Be sure to comment and let me know what your favorite things are from Trader Joe’s!


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