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Top Immune Boosting Supplements to Prevent Sickness | Keys to Staying Healthy

Top Immune Boosting Supplements to Prevent Sickness | Keys to Staying Healthy

If you know me, or follow me (@ShipsHQ) on my Insta, you may know that I’m BIG into health and taking supplements for prevention purposes. In light of March being National Nutrition Month, I thought I’d update an one of my older posts to re-share with you all because now more than ever we all must take care of our nutrition, get balanced, and stay healthy.


With American diets today, and especially as we age, supplementing our diet is necessary if we want to try to maintain optimum health. Initially I wanted to use this post as an opt-in with the intention to grow my email list, but with the events of 2020 and no real end in sight, I decided it would be better to just publish it so it will be available to everyone. The possibility of helping as many people as possible (especially the elderly and young children) is more important to me than growing an email list. 


Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. This post contains my opinion on natural cold and flu remedies from personal experience. Consult with your physician before trying anything new, or before mixing supplements with any current medications. If you make a purchase from a link provided in this post, I may earn a small commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you. Supplements are not listed in any particular order.



It’s all about prevention



When it comes to health, prevention really is the key. Now I know everyone says “follow the science,” and some medical professionals’ opinions are given more attention than others in the media, but I tend to gravitate towards listening those medical professionals who give advice on what to do so you won’t have to see a doctor vs. medical professionals who want you to come in and out of their revolving door with big pharma “fixes” to cure your ailments after you already have them. My philosophy is and will always be prevention over intervention, and while some supplements might be a little pricy now, I know it is worth it to avoid medical bills in the future. Health is wealth!


Here is a list of vitamins and supplements that I keep on hand in my house, and that I have make sure I’m always stocked up on. I don’t take all of these every single day, but I do take them all regularly, and keep them all in rotation based on how I am feeling, and what I feel my body needs. Many of the vitamins that come in liquid form I also give to my kids, and they enjoy the taste, especially this Vitamin D!


My philosophy is and will always be prevention over intervention, and while some supplements might be a little pricy now, I know it is worth it to avoid medical bills in the future. Health is wealth!


The following supplements are not listed in any particular order.









Nascent Iodine is a supplement we all need. As we age, most of us develop some kind of thyroid imbalance, and NASCENT IODINE can help. It also can help detox your body from chemicals that build up in your system. Detoxification is very important to maintaining optimum health and a strong immunity. NASCENT IODINE along with supporting the thyroid, helps encourages hormone balance, and improves your metabolism. A nascent iodine (in dropper form) is the best way to take this supplement for better absorption in the body.






Bee Products


Aside from Zinc, D3, and Vitamin C, bee products are the top of my list for sickness prevention. I cannot say enough good stuff about bee products and how wonderful they are for your health.


PROPOLIS is my #1 go to for preventing (and treating) cold and flu. Wait… Does the flu even exist anymore? Anyway, if you have a cold or flu, it will seriously knock it out in no time. BEE POLLEN and ROYAL JELLY are a couple other miracle products from the bees that I use to help maintain good health throughout the year. You can read more about them in my previous post on, MY TOP TEN SUPPLEMENTS  (apologizing in advance about the need to update that old post :).




Vitamin C


We all know that VITAMIN C helps fight the common cold, so get yours today with all the ROSE HIPS AND BIOFLAVONOIDS for an extra boost! Who else thinks of Kramer from Seinfeld every time you say BIOFLAVONOIDS? 






From  your immune system to hormone balance, ZINC affects hundreds of essential, biological functions. It’s an important nutrient for your health, and your wellness can be severely compromised if you don’t get enough of this vital nutrient. Zinc is essential for healthy cell growth and it’s a must for people who are active. As an antioxidant, zinc is important for healthy aging and supports the body’s ability to repair everyday “wear and tear” on DNA, which leads to premature aging and health concerns. Zinc also works from the inside out, encouraging healthy-looking skin and a radiant complexion. As the body’s second most abundant trace mineral, zinc supports vision, taste, smell, and more.


When it comes to zinc supplements I choose the vegan, liquid blend from Global Healing. It is a highly bioavailable, plant-based zinc that’s water-extracted from certified organic guava leaves. Unlike most zinc supplements, including zinc gluconate, zinc picolinate, zinc sulfate, and zinc citrate, which are made with synthetic forms of the mineral, the zinc in this formula is naturally bound to plant proteins and amino acids so your body can use it efficiently. They also add Energized Trace Minerals™ to maximize the absorption so you get the most therapeutic value.









ECHINACEA (a.k.a. purple coneflower) is a powerful immune booster and natural antibiotic that helps fight illness and infection. I mostly drink this as a tea, but it can come in other supplement forms as well, such as tinctures, or vitamin. I keep it available year round, and up my intake of it during cold and flu season. Some research has shown that ECHINACEA can reduce your chances of getting common colds by 58%, and also reduce the time of the cold. This herb also helps fight inflammation, and also may be used topically to fight infection and inflammation.







ELDERBERRY is a potent antioxidant that is also very effective in preventing and treating cold and flu symptoms. I take this regularly during winter months, and also give it to my children to help keep them from getting sick. When looking up other benefits of this plant, I also read that it can help clear up sinus infections, lower blood sugar, help aid with digestion, ease allergies, and also help prevent cancer. What a potent little berry!


I added a couple elderberry bushes to my garden last year, can’t wait to see how they grow this year! Here’s a tip from the garden center if you want to plant some of your own: buy two different varieties to increase blooming and berry yield.






Benefits of  VITAMIN D include, increased bone health, enhanced immune system, improvement of mood and also hormone regulation. It can also help combat heart disease, help prevent against cancer, and diabetes, and also help manage blood sugar levels.









There is never a shortage of GARLIC in my home. I use it all the time in cooking, and always add more than is recommended on any recipe. One of my favorite meals is GARLIC PASTA!


GARLIC has antimicrobial, anti fungal, and antiviral properties that makes it an awesome natural remedy for fighting cold and flu. Because GARLIC is so high in antioxidants, it also has other claimed benefits, including, helping fight cancer, helping control blood pressure, treat diabetes, and can help improve dementia symptoms. I recommend buying organic garlic, or conventional garlic that is grown in the USA. Some garlic is imported from China, and I have read that they put stuff on garlic, like bleach, that can have negative effects for your health.





GINGER is also a great anti-inflammatory and immune booster that is great to throw in with your other cold and flu remedies. It helps relieve nausea symptoms (pregnant people), so it is helpful when you’re sick. You can buy GINGER TEA, make your own tea with chopped ginger, lemon and honey, or try these GINGER CANDIES (great for the kids!).




I make sure my children get daily fish oil, probiotics, and a good dose of vitamin D, Zinc, and C. I alternate with elderberry and kids propolis too. Aside from the occasional runny nose, my three year old has only been sick with a fever once (right before her first birthday!) so I plan on continuing my vitamin regimen with my children to keep their health optimized as well.


supplements for kids:




ALL IN ONE supplement


Want to start taking supplements, but don’t want to take a million different things? I recently have been using an all in one supplement called intraMax, with over 415 essential ingredients. I had been eying it for a while, but never pulled the trigger because it is on the pricier end of supplements. However, if you think of EVERYTHING included in this potent little drink, including all the vitamins and minerals, super greens, berry antioxidants, etc., you really would spend a lot more buying each thing separately. IntraMAX ends up being around $3 per day, so less than a cup of coffee and much better for you!


I bought this mainly for my husband because he doesn’t like to take a bunch of things, but I have been using it too. You only need a capful per day and it tastes great!



Find 13 Benefits of IntraMAX here





Sharing is Caring


Did you enjoy the information in this post? Be sure to pin and save it so you can refer to it later, and share it with your friends! Also follow me on Instagram @shipsHQ for more!


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