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My Top Timeless Fabrics | For Home Projects

My Top Timeless Fabrics | For Home Projects

It is officially cold outside! While I am not a fan of being cooped up all winter, I do like to use all that indoor time as an opportunity to catch up on my sewing, and other home improvement projects around the house. I have compiled a list for you all here of my picks of top timeless fabrics for home projects to help make it easy for you to find the perfect fabric for your next project.


Many of these picks I have already used in my own home, and some I am planning on using in the future for projects that are still on my to do list.


Disclaimer: If you purchase something from a link provided in this post, I may earn a small commission. Headquarters by Ship appreciates your support and thanks you!


Ever since I started sewing as a hobby in undergrad, I have been searching for and collecting all kinds of fabrics. Some fabric for projects that I was working on right away, some for projects that I was planning on doing down the road, and some just because I fell in love with the fabric and I knew I would find a project for it. Anyone out there know what I’m talking about?!


Anyway, I have since calmed down with my fabric obsession, but I still purchase it regularly. I now try to only buy fabric that I need for specific projects that I’m currently working on because I only have so much space for storage…


When it comes to updating things around the house, the easiest (and cheapest) thing I like to do is update pillows.


When it comes to updating things around the house, the easiest (and cheapest) thing I like to do is update pillows. It is so easy to just make a quick slip cover for some old pillows that you’re tired of looking at. It’s also a good way to add a pop of color without changing a whole lot in your house. If you’re looking for something timeless to update your room with new pillows, or looking to refinish an old chair or love seat.


Here are my top go-to’s:



Click picture for Kaufman Carolina Gingham in Ecru


A very timeless, “southern” pattern that is also modern! For home upholstery projects I prefer a gingham check that has at least a 2″ wide repeat. This pattern is so versatile; it looks great for pillows, curtains, bed spreads, and chairs. I am currently working on re-finishing a chair that was given to us with an ecru gingham (pictured above). Stay tuned for that projects as a future post! I love this fabric in the BLACK, NAVY, FRENCH GRAY, and ECRU. If you want to sew clothes with this kind of pattern, I’d go for a smaller check pattern.


Click picture for Vertical Ticking Stripe in Ivory Grey

Ticking Stripe:

This pattern is also a timeless classic. It’s a nice, understated pattern to use if you want to play it safe with patterns for a project. Once I finish my Gingham chair, I’m thinking about making some slip covers in this pattern to update the chairs in my dining room, or to update another armchair that Will’s parents gave us. I also have been eying a duvet in this pattern from Garnet Hill. This pattern also comes in IVORY CHARCOAL and in IVORY TAN.


Click picture for 100% European Linen Oatmeal




Linen/Linen Looking Blends:

I love linen for updating older, traditional pieces of furniture. It helps modernize a traditional piece, but keeps it classic as well. The texture in the fabric’s weave also adds interest even though linens are usually a solid color. I used this EROICA COSMO LINEN LATTE FABRIC for a couch that we got re-upholstered earlier in the year. It is actually a linen-looking polyester! I thought polyester would be more durable on a couch that has high traffic, and it is also a lot cheaper than a 100% linen when you are buying a lot of yardage.

Dashing Damask


Click Picture for Waverly Dashing Damask Linen Duck



There are so many different types of damask patterns out there, which can making this type of fabric kind of intimidating if you want to use this pattern for your upcoming home project. To stay classic and timeless with damask, I try to stick with patterns that fall in the “greige” tone. Many upholstery florals and damasks have a mix of grays, beiges, and white, which makes it easy to add to most rooms.

If you like the NEUTRAL  FLORAL print pictured behind me at the top of this post, CLICK HERE


Click Picture for Magnolia Fashions Telluride Herringbone Grey

Herringbone and Basket Weaves:

These fabrics are nice to use on home projects because, while they’re mostly a solid color, they have a lot of texture to add interest, and they also sometimes have multiple colors and tones of the same color blended together. I used a NAVY BASKET WEAVE FABRIC to make some cushions and pillows for the hearth in our den (CLICK HERE FOR THAT D.I.Y.). It has a blend of gray, blue, beige, and white, which are all colors that I use throughout my house.




Ship’s Tip:

When updating old pillows with a new cover, make your pillow case with two different fabrics. That way you can reverse the pillow with the change of seasons, or mood. You can also make multiple envelope slip covers in festive prints for whatever holiday/season you want to easily slip over your everyday pillows (plus they don’t take up a lot of space in storage!).


Also, for all you cotton lovers out there, this print is great for EVERYTHING! from pillows, to tea towels, dresses, or pinafores for those fall pictures with your little ones! The gray fabric that I used on the pillows is no longer in stock, but Premier Prints has this COTTON BELT FABRIC in Spa Blue!

Cotton Print Fabric Spa Blue







Overall, as long as you love the fabric you’re using for your home project, it doesn’t matter what pattern it is.


I hope you enjoyed my suggestions. I look forward to your feedback and your opinions! What is your favorite classic fabric pattern?


I know there are a lot I did not cover in this post… Would you like to see other “top fabric” pick posts? What home projects are you working on this winter? Comment and let me know!




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