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Madison Reed | Lightworks

Madison Reed | Lightworks

You all know I’ve been on a hair dying, D.I.Y. kick lately, and am a fan of the MADISON REED hair color kits that get sent straight to your door. I recently ordered their highlighting LIGHTWORKS KIT  that helps you do bayliage (ombre) highlights at home! I love my bayliage for the summer time, and wanted to try this kit out because it is A FRACTION OF THE COST of getting it done in a salon. Keep reading to see how it all turned out!


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Before trying the LIGHTWORKS KIT I had to re-do my color, and start with a good base because it had been several months since the last time I died my hair, and I needed to get rid of the grays!


I decided to go with a different brown from last time, because while my first color match was great, I wanted a little bit of a warmer tone for the summer.


Here’s what the CATANIA BROWN looks like on its own.


Hair Color: Catania Brown | Linen Bee Top: T.J. Maxx | Earrings: J. Crew (Similar Here) | Bracelet: Accessory Concierge


Click Here to see the MEDIUM BROWN FOR RESISTANT GRAYS from my last post.


The color by itself has great dimension, and after using the kit your hair feels so healthy and shiny… I couldn’t just stop here though; I need my bayliage for summer!


Does anyone agree with me that highlights make you feel more tan? Anyway, in addition to feeling more tan, I love my bayliage because it is a very low maintenance way to highlight your hair. Because the highlights don’t start at the roots, I can just do a root touch up later instead of having to add more highlights on top of the root touch up (Will, you can thank me later ;).



I decided to go with the PALMI WARM HONEY LIGHTWORKS KIT.


The LIGHTWORKS KIT comes with everything you need for bayliage, including toner, and a wishbone shape highlight applicator that makes applying the hair color super easy!


I was a little nervous about applying the highlights because I had never attempted to highlight my hair before. The application was pretty easy, but I was scared that I’d mess it up somehow, or put too much highlight in my hair, so I didn’t use all the product in the bottle (there was still about 1/3 of the highlighter left when I was done with my application.


I don’t think my “after” results do the kit much justice because I should have used ALL the product.



Here is the after with Lightworks

Madison Reed Hair Color: Lightworks Palmi-Warm Honey | Dress: Lilly Pulitzer 


I took these pictures right before we went to a wedding shower, so I’m all dolled up!


Next time, I’m definitely going to be more liberal with applying the highlighter. I am not sure that I did the lightworks kit much justice on my first attempt because I didn’t apply enough of the product!


Now that I’ve tried it once, I think I’ll be more confident next time. I also might try the original LIGHTWORKS color that was recommended to me too because I’d like it to be more blonde (when I ordered my LIGHTWORKS KIT, I switched the color to a more “caramel” highlight than the one that was originally recommended, and it turned out a little darker than what I’m used to). 


What do you all think? Comment and let me know! Take your color match survey, and SHOP MADISON REED HERE. 






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