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Boxwood Arrangements

Boxwood Arrangements

I recently made these table arrangements for Chelsea and Will’s wedding shower that was held at my in-law’s house. Belle thought they needed a few extra Arrangements for the outdoor tables and coffee tables, and I was happy to oblige!


Originally, I wanted to use some magnolia leaves, but when I went outside to forage for greenery, I realized that the magnolia trees were getting ready to bloom, so the leaf clusters were not looking their best.



I turned next to my boxwoods that were in need of a good trim! Glad I didn’t prune them the week prior when I was taking care of stuff in the yard.



Boxwood is such classic greenery, it was perfect for the classy couple.


I kept things simple with the flowers, just adding three white roses per arrangement. That was all the white roses that I had in bloom, so I just used what I had and kept it neutral. We also only had two iron hurricanes and two glass ones, so we just used what we had there too. The round clear containers, and foam wreaths were also leftover from Hogan and Evan’s wedding!



Ship’s Tip: It’s always a good idea to use a wet foam when making a live floral arrangement.


Overall the shower was a big success! The hostesses all did such a wonderful job with food, beverages, and other arrangements. It was gorgeous, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves!




How do you think the arrangements turned out? Comment and let me know!


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