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Madison Reed

#Ad Have you heard of MADISON REED?! I had heard their advertisements on different podcasts, seen them online, and was curious about their at home, salon quality products with good ingredients. I finally decided to give them a shot, and here are the results!


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If you’re anything like me, I love a day at the salon, but as the primary caretaker of a young child, I find it hard to make the time to spend 3+ hours at a salon getting my hair done. I get my hair cut (and maybe colored) approximately once every six months because I make lots of other things a priority before my hair. I am also starting to see more and more grays pop up, and wanted a quick solution to help cover my grays without spending all day (and hundreds of dollars) in the salon.




MADISON REED first caught my attention as a solution to my problem, because they advertise that their hair color is made with good ingredients, free of ammonia, parabens, gluten, PPD, resorcinol, and phthalates. It is also full of keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root extract, to help make your hair shiny and healthy. Second, I loved that I loved that I could get my hair colored at home in under an hour!





Did you know that MADISON REED color is made in Italy? Along with the quality ingredients above, this hair color comes in an awesome little package, with your hair color, activator, barrier cream (so you don’t dye your face and ears while you’re working with the hair color), their color safe shampoo and conditioner, two pairs of gloves, a shower cap, and some root touch up powder!


I love that MADISON REED gives you everything you need to get the job done, and a comprehensive set of instructions that are easy to follow. I also appreciate the barrier cream, and shower cap to help keep messes at bay. I loved that the hair dye did not smell, or burn my scalp, and their shampoo had the best lather out of any shampoo I have ever used in my entire life. It was amazing.




Before deciding what color will work best for you on MADISON REED, they have a survey to help pick the right match for you. After going through the series of questions on their site, I was matched with the Medium Brown for Resistant Grays color.


I had ombre highlights before I did the hair color. Side note: I love ombre because I love the dimension highlights give, how they hide the grays, and ombre is a natural looking, low maintenance highlight (so I can easily go 6 months without getting my hair colored).



Check out those grays! I was starting to feel old looking at those day after day…


MADISON REED has highlight kits to do ombre yourself, but starting out, I thought it would be best for me to just stick with one color since it had been ages since I died my own hair at home.




In the middle of applying the color, I started getting a little worried that I would not have enough hair color because, in the past, I’d end up having to get 2 boxes of color to cover my thick hair. There ended up being plenty of dye in just one box for me (although if you have extra long, thick hair you should probably add on some extra).


I ended up leaving the color on a little longer than recommended (was enjoying my alone time in the bathroom a little too much), but I think my hair still turned out very good! My hair was very shiny afterwards, and I could still see the dimension in color even though I no longer had my ombre highlights.


Robe: Pink Blush Maternity


I am definitely a MADISON REED convert! Next time I might get brave and try their highlight kit… I love my ombre!


Try Madison Reed’s excellent quality hair color for less than your average DIY kit. For $15 off your first box of Madison Reed CLICK HERE!


What do you all think? Have any questions? Comment and let me know!




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