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#SidehustleSunday | Arbonne

#SidehustleSunday | Arbonne

Recently I was thinking about people with “side hustles,” and was wondering why do we all do it?! Sure we all love a little extra money, but a lot of us have other goals and passions unrelated to our day jobs that drive us to take on something extra. We find some satisfaction in having a side hustle because we’re sharing something that we love with others, or helping them in some way.


While thinking about all the people I know that do something on the side, I thought it would be fun to create a series on individuals in the area, that have independent businesses (aside from their day jobs), that they are passionate about. I thought it would be fun to bring all these people together, and provide a forum where people in the area could go to find these people, and their products all in one spot. After all, it is better to shop local!


While I am not sure how long the series will be, I will put everyone in the same category under my Inspiration page in my menu. It is just a two question interview, plus my experience with the products, because I want to help endorse brands that I love and use. I hope you all enjoy, and without further ado, I would like you all to meet Megan!

Megan in Vegas with Arbonne. Click the picture for more!


Megan is an Arbonne representative here in Covington. She is a mother to a beautiful daughter, a teacher, and a friend.


Q: What does success mean to you?


A: Success to me is feeling good about what you are doing at the end of the day and knowing I’ve served others.  


Q: What do you love most about Arbonne?


A: I love Arbonne for many reasons.  I’ve met amazing people who motivate me to be my best.  Arbonne’s products are so good for my family.  I feel good knowing what we put in and on our bodies is pure, safe, and beneficial.  Arbonne gives me a chance to serve others and make others feel better.  The secondary income isn’t so bad either. 🙂


Megan also loves Arbonne because they’ve banned over 2,000 ingredients from their products that aren’t “Arbonne clean,” and that they are always improving, and evaluating their ingredient policy. Arbonne products are verified Non-GMO, gluten free, cruelty free, and vegan certified. Check out Arbonne’s healthy living ingredient policy here!


Megan’s favorite products include the makeup primer, Re9 skincare line, protein shake mix, and the energy fizz. She also loves the adult and children’s line of sunscreens.


I had never heard of Arbonne before moving to Covington, and was interested in learning more about the company, and trying some of their products. Recently, I have been using their concealer, and the Arbonne CC Cream, and I absolutely love them. They give a very natural coverage, similar to the Bobbi Brown products that I was using prior to trying this brand. I recently tried a couple samples of some of the Re9 line, and loved the corrective eye cream so much, I had to get a bottle. I could tell a reduction in the fine lines around my eyes with the Re9 cream after my first night using it, and have been very satisfied with the product since.


I love that Arbonne’s motto is “healthy living from the inside out,” because that is so true!


Be sure to check out all the healthy, clean products Arbonne has that can make a positive impact on your life


I hope you all enjoyed this post. Have you tried anything from Arbonne yet? Comment and let me know!




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