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Chocolate Chip Coconut Flour Banana Bread

Chocolate Chip Coconut Flour Banana Bread

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Calling all paleo, keto, and gluten free people out there. Here is another yummy recipe for you. I love this banana bread because it is gluten free, and there’s no sugar added (except for the chocolate chips, which you can omit if you like)! Ripe bananas are pretty sweet as is, so you really don’t need to add any extra sugar to the mix. For a gluten free recipe, this bread also rose very well, unlike some paleo muffin/bread recipes that I’ve tried that bake flat and don’t look very appetizing.



This recipe was so good, this loaf of bread was literally gone in 2 days. Next time, I’ll be sure to double! I found this recipe on Ambitious Kitchen. Monique has a lot of great, healthy recipes, check her out!



If you use a Kitchenaid Mixer to make this, you can whip it all together so quickly (And then wait impatiently while it bakes… :)! I love how easy Kitchenaid Mixers make baking and cooking. Anything that looks labor intensive, a Kitchenaid Mixer makes a breeze. has a bunch of Mixers up to 40% off on their website now, so check it out!



When I made this, the only substitution I made was subbing cashew butter for almond butter. Have you tried the cashew butter from Trader Joe’s?! It is THE BOMB (Do people still use that phrase?)! Anyway, next time you go to Trader Joe’s, put it on your list because it is delicious. And their toasted coconut pancake mix…



I ended up baking this loaf a little too long, because things get busy sometimes with an eighteen month old, but it was still very moist and delicious.


FIND THIS RECIPE HERE and let me know if you try it by commenting below!







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