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Beauty Rituals | Toning

Beauty Rituals | Toning

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TONING is often a forgotten step in people’s beauty routines. I know I have gone through phases where I tone religiously, and then I start skipping it here and there, and get out of the practice. When I tone regularly I can tell the difference in the tightness of my skin, reduction in redness, and in the reduction of pore size.


I have tried many different TONERS over the years (mostly when they come in sample sets, and gift boxes), but I don’t like to break the bank when it comes to my toner. My go to is a generic brand WITCH HAZEL, that is usually under or around one dollar (depending on the size of bottle).


When I use WITCH HAZEL regularly, I can tell that my skin feels tighter, my pores stay small, and the appearance of oil in my t-zone gets reduced. It also helps calm redness and any skin irritations when I have them.


No matter what kind of products you use, I think the best thing you can do for your skin is to maintain a three step routine of:

1. Cleansing (and making sure all your makeup is removed at night),

2. Toning, and

3. Moisturize your skin.


If you start that regimen young, and continue it through your adulthood, your skin will hold up very well!


While browsing other uses for witch hazel on the internet, I came across several other benefits and uses, which include:


  • Reducing itching and swelling.
  • Helping swollen eyes.
  • Soothing burns.
  • Helps relieve pain and heal diaper rash.
  • Hemorrhoid Treatment.
  • Reduces bruises and swelling.
  • Reduces inflammation of acne blemishes.
  • Cleans small cuts.
  • Helps tighten and reduce pain in varicose veins.


That’s quite a lot of benefit from just one, cheap bottle of witch hazel.


If I don’t use witch hazel, one of my favorite toners is the GLYCOLIC ACID TONER from MARIO BADESCU.



Do you tone your skin regularly? What are your favorite products? Comment and let me know!




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