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Organization Tips | Easy Bathroom Organizer

Organization Tips | Easy Bathroom Organizer

I recently added an acrylic makeup box to my bathroom and it has been a game changer for my organization! I wanted to share it with you because if you’re a product lover, like me, things can sometimes get a little out of control on your bathroom counters.


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Now I’m not really one to give a whole lot of organization tips. I try to keep things tidy in my home, but as a creative, sometimes I tend to leave a lot of different “projects” lying around. Staying organized is something that strive to maintain, however, because I know that I am more productive when everything is orderly and in place. Not to mention being in an organized, and clean environment makes you feel good overall!



Prior to making this organization purchase, I had all my makeup in one of the drawers in my vanity. This left no where for all my bulkier products, like contact solutions, deodorant, lotion, etc. to go so they ended up sitting out on the counter in a big mess! Tired of having my sink in disarray, I decided to switch things up and buy an acrylic makeup storage container, and ta da! GAME CHANGER!


Now all that bulky stuff is put away, and all my makeup is neatly tucked away in this stylish organizer!



Other bathroom organizing tips:


  • Fill a decorative pot up with coffee beans and use to stand your makeup brushes in.
  • Use a vintage teacup saucer to store your bracelets and other baubles that you wear everyday.
  • Find another jewelry organizer to hang necklaces and earrings that you wear frequently (keep the rest of your jewelry put away in your closet)
  • Keep a basket somewhere in your bathroom to put all your dirty clothes in.




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What are your favorite ways to stay organized? Be sure to leave a comment to let me know!


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