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Five Ways to Wear a Plaid Top This Fall

Five Ways to Wear a Plaid Top This Fall

I recently purchased this monogrammed, plaid layering tunic from Marley Lilly and am totally obsessed with it. I kind of wanted to get a shacket this year, but when I saw this customizable piece in the perfect colors for fall, I decided I’d go this route instead. After all, a top is more versatile and who can resist a monogram?!


Keep reading to see the top five ways I’ll be wearing this top this season.


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You might notice while you’re going through this post that I am currently pregnant. I have my third baby girl coming this January and can’t wait to meet her! While these styles definitely work for pregnancy, most of the pieces (minus one pair of jeans and a tank top) are non-maternity.


With Faux Leather Leggings


Faux leather leggings are one of my favorite things to wear during the fall and winter months. Have you tried them yet?! They are by far the best legging that I’ve tried from Spanx as far as holding you in and smoothing things out. I love the compression they give too…


With my leggings I prefer a looser toplooser top, and threw on my new tunic over that for a layered look. Sneakers for comfort, but this look could totally be dressed up with booties too.



With a Half/Full Tuck



So since these jeans are not maternity, only the half tuck was looking good on me in my current state with a baby bump. Next year, however, I will definitely be wearing  a full tuck as well. I’d say wear the full tuck when you want to be a little more put together, and a half tuck when you want to keep it casual (or can’t make up your mind, lol).



With a MIDI Bodycon Dress


I love a good midi bodycon dress, especially as a way to show off a growing baby bump. I keep the tight dresses long to keep it classy, and likewise, layer something over it so you’re only showing off some curves and not everything. 


This midi dress does come in multiple colors (for only $21.99!), but the black is so versatile! I can wear it to work with a long sweater, or blazer, and also dress it down like this (or with a kimono in the spring/summer).



Open & Layered with a tank & jeans


This look is similar to the first, but with jeans and boots I prefer to wear a more form-fitted tee under my monogrammed layering tunic.


With a more form-fitted tee, or bodysuit, you could also tie up the front of the tunic for a cute, country look (but I will save myself the embarrassment of trying to do that with my bump ;).


Tied around the waist



This is a great way to wear this tunic on those in between days that start off cool, and then get warm mid-day. Never hurts to have a little coverage on the rear either!


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Hope you enjoyed this post, and got a few ideas on how versatile a plaid top can be for fall. Definitely a staple that every girl needs in their closet!


Have you styled your plaid top in a different way? Leave a comment and let me know!


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